Frequently asked questions

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Our “per agent per month” pricing is based on the maximum number of your agents who are using the hosted contact centre service at the same time. For example you might have 24 agents working for you in two shifts with a maximum of 12 people working on each shift. You pay for 12 concurrent users on the system. However each of the 24 people has their own user ID and password so that you can monitor activity and find recordings for  individuals.

Your agents need a phone to take and make calls, a Windows PC [Windows 7 or above] to use our software and a reliable internet connection to one of our data centres.
Yes. You can easily add your logo; if you can supply it when we’re getting you signed up and on board we’ll do it for you or you can do it later. We also provide the configuration tools so that you can personalise the look, feel and content of the desktop information.
Yes. The connection between your agents and our servers uses an encrypted, compressed “tunnel” for traffic between two systems. This means that your data is protected from snooping and uses data compression to get the best performance from the available bandwidth.
Yes. Security of your data and systems is a key concern. Our data centre has a permanent manned security presence and uses multi-layered physical security including a secure perimeter, biometrics and video surveillance. Additionally Rostrvm Solutions is certified for Cyber Essentials.
Our data centre is certified as compliant with the PCI DSS standard.
Your reporting information and recordings are kept on our systems for 6 months. As an ‘add-on” option recordings can be provided to you for long-term archive purposes.
Your customer contact and operational reports are accessed from your connected browser. Your operation has full access to all reports but this can be limited by user if it’s more appropriate – for example, team leaders might only need to see information about their team.
The dialler supports predictive, progressive and preview modes simultaneously. You can choose which dialling mode you want for each campaign and you can change mode ‘on the fly’ whilst dialling continues.
The dialler supports Ofcom compliant processes including automated management of abandoned call rates, CLI presentation, ring time, abandoned call messages. Our predictive dialler also supports the Information Commissioner’s Office best practices in areas such as Do-Not-Call.
The standard method is to import your data from your computer(s) as an Excel spreadsheet. Data can be added as new lists – each campaign supports multiple lists – or you can append new records to an existing list.
Yes you can make and receive calls from outside the UK.
Yes. poweredbyrostrvm supports agents anywhere. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.
We use a secure, shared infrastructure in our data centres to deliver cost-effective contact centre functionality. We can offer a service that delivers dedicated equipment for your operation as a Flexible + option.
Yes. The rostrvm Cloud Contact Centre Service can be used by organisations across the UK public sector and is available on the Digital Market Place [G-Cloud] @