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To be the best you need the best. Take the vast knowledge and experience of Rostrvm Solutions, the leading, established and trusted contact centre software provider. Choose and use intuitive, high-performing and flexible apps your way, in the cloud.

Realise the successful contact centre you and your customers need and deserve. Enjoy exceeding targets and knowing that staff and customers are enjoying it too.

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Inbound Calls

From simple call queuing to multi-site, multi-skilled contact handling – whatever you need, when you need it. Powerful routing ensures contacts are delivered to the right person at the right time.

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Outbound Contact

Achieve targets and keep promises to customers with blended predictive, progressive and preview dialling. Delight customers and show the competition how it’s done!

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Agents Anywhere

Say and do the right things with agents anywhere – in the office, at home…. supported by CallGuide scripting to drive a consistent, compliant, measured customer experience.

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In Control

Real time & historical management information delivered to your connected device. Call recording, adds, moves & changes in your control from wherever you are.

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Customer Testimonials

The dialler solution ensures productivity and structure for our agents, whilst it provides the business with reporting in order to lever performance and maximise our campaign strategy.

There’s no expensive outlay – and no worrying about maintenance and upgrade costs. The ability of the poweredbyrostrvm system to handle diverse call flows gives us the flexibility to run an efficient, high-performing contact centre.

Heritage Health case study

Implement ground-breaking contact centre solutions fast and enjoy returns on your investment right away. Increase your productivity and make your customers smile. Whether it’s outbound, inbound or blended; whatever the project, use poweredbyrostrvm to become the contact centre you need to be..
To be sure your contact centre operation is delighting your customers, so they want to stay with you, and is keeping staff happy (so they want to stay too!), monitor the quality of your service with our integral call recording system. This is great for maintaining excellent standards of service and for training the team, giving them the understanding and confidence to excel. It complements inbound and outbound call handling and is integrated with the Management Information database.

Our powerful, configurable call retrieval search engine lets you analyse calls in the way that your business needs. For example, if you need to hear what made Mr Smith upgrade on his call with your agent last Tuesday, you can easily find the tagged recording with a quick search.
Use our performance management tools securely wherever you are, on any device, to gain the information needed to maintain a high-performing operation. Reach your business objectives and service target levels, despite what life throws at the contact centre.

You can easily access real-time and historical KPIs and performance metrics. Analyse historical information and plan future schedules and staff training based on projected demand, according to call peak times. Gain the right knowledge to blend effectively.

Share detailed operational information with managers and customise wallboards to make real-time performance visible to all. Distribute business outcome data via the web to the wider management and client community.